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Anastasia Bankova was born and raised in Russia. 4 years ago she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career in production design. However over these 4 years she realized that her true vocation was art and shifted her focus from film to oil painting. The ability to talk about subjects which matter to her through different art forms became a revelation.


In her work Anastasia is exploring women’s sexuality and what it means to go beyond socially acceptable behavior through another controversial topic - the need to restrict someone’s diet to meet society expectation regarding woman’s body. She wants to draw attention to the fact that society is constantly trying to control the behavior of a woman, starting with what and how much she eats and ending with those with whom she sleeps. In her opinion, the ideas of ​​controlling nutrition and controlling sexual desire are relevant. For her the abundance of cakes of all sorts and types is a symbol of protest against the control of sexual desires. She says that she would like the viewers to feel the sugar in their mouth when they are looking at her work. Anastasia takes it to the grotesque level in order to break through restrictions and return women what is rightfully theirs - being in control of their bodies, enjoy life and explore their sexuality regardless of what individual members of the society or the whole society thinks about it.


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